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Q1. How can you minimise all views except for the currently selected view in the Eclipse interface?

Press Control-M (Windows) or Command-M (Mac)
Double-click the tab you want to maximise
all of these answers
Click the Maximise button at the top right of the view

Q2. What happens when you execute the Run -> Skip all Breakpoints command?

All breakpoints are deleted
none of these answers
All breakpoints will not be fired when debugging and will not cause application execution to suspend
All breakpoints and bookmarks are disabled

Q3. What is not a key part of Eclipse projects and technologies?

Plug-in Development Environment (PDE)
Eclipse Project
Java Development Toold (JDT)
Eclipse .NET

Q4. Which is a valid way to create a code snippet?

Right-click the selected code and select Add to Snippets
Drag the code into the snippets view
Click Source -> Snippets -> Create Snippet
With the code selected, click the + button in the Snippets view

Q5. In this image, what does the circled button do?

It expands the comparison between the two files to include whitespace.
It allows you to delete the line of code to which it is connected.
It allows changes from one version of a file to be applied to another version of the file.
It allows you to merge both lines of code together.

Q6. When inserting a snippet containing variables into a source file, how are values for the variable defined?

Eclipse fills them in with a drop-down menu of available optons.
They are automatically highlighted in code.
They are populated using environment variables.
You populate them through a pop-up windows.

Q7. How can you create a new Git branch in Eclipse?

all of these answers
Right-click your project in the Package Explorer and select Team -> Switch To -> New Branch
Click File -> New -> Git -> Branch
Click Source -> Team -> Switch To -> New Branch

Q8. Why might you use the Open Type button?

to open a file by its name
to search the workbench for a class to open in an editor
to find a string in a text file
to find all places where a certain type is instantiated

Q9. In the JUnit view, what is the value in the parentheses after a previously run unit test?

the number of errors found in the test
the time it took the test to run
the name of the package containing the test class
the test class name

Q10. In this image, what does the circled icon in the Problems view do?

It sends the currently selected problem to another view.
It indents the currently selected problem.
It opens the Filter menu so you can customise what problems are displayed.
It jumps to the currently selected problem in the Editor.

Q11. What can you not do in the Expressions view?

track the value of a variable throughout the lifetime of the app.
change the name of a variable while debugging.
change the value of a final variable while debugging.
track values of variables when they are out of scope.

Q12. Your code is highlighted in red when running code coverage. Why is this?

The code is the cause of a compiler warning.
The method is unused or causes runtime errors.
The code is within an if statement that is always evaluated as true at runtime.
No code calls the method.

Q13. When selecting the Synchronise Workspace option for a project, what perspective is opened?

Team Synchronising
Remote Synchronise

Q14. Which is not a way to check the value of a variable while debugging?

Hover ove the variable in the Editor.
Check the Debug view.
Check the Variables view.
Watch the variable in the Expressions view.

Q15. How can you configure Eclipse to open a webpage in a browser outside of Eclipse using the Windows (Eclipse) -> Preferences -> General -> Web Browser dialog page?

Select Use external web browser.
Select Add a new browser and select the desired browser in the External web browsers menu.
Select Use external web browser, click the New or Search button, add your browser, and then select it in the External web browsers menu.
Use the Search button to search for an installed web browser.

Q16. What view, within the Team component, displays the commits related to a particular project or file?

Git Staging
Git Repositories

Q17. What is included in your wqorkspace folder?

a hidden .metadata folder
a hidden .metadata folder and projects imported into the workspace only
only projects imported into the workspace
a hidden .metadata folder and projects created in the workspace

Q18. What can you not do in the Variables view?

monitor variables that are outside the scope of the current stack frame
set a breakpoint to track a particular instance
inspect the values of an object’s fields
edit the value of a variable while the debugger is running your app

Q19. What is not a method stub that Eclipse will create for you in the New JUnit Test Case window?


Q20. What does the Problems view show?

all of the answers
warnings and errors
code that does not match your formatting settings
threads containing errors

Q21. When switching workspaces, what is preserved?

all preferences
none of these answers
the current perspective
preferences for a language (e.g., Java)

Q22. How can you set files to save automatically when launching an application?

Click Window (Eclipse) -> Preferences -> Run/Debug -> Launching, and then select Save required dirty editors before launching.
Click Window (Eclipse) -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Save Actions
Click File -> Save All.
Change the project’s run configuration.

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