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Supply Chain Sourcing Quiz

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Week- 1

Purchasing and Procurement


Question 1
What are the two major objectives in industrial purchasing? Select two of the four below that apply the best.

1 point

  • Reduce Purchasing Cost
  • Agility
  • Ensure Continuity of Supply
  • Flexibility

Question 2
What are the five things that a purchasing agent must accomplish in the purchasing cycle? Select all that apply.

1 point

  • Processing purchase orders
  • Receiving and monitoring advance shipping notices.
  • Confirming receipt of goods.
  • Processing invoices.
  • Paying suppliers.

Question 3
Name the 12 things that purchasing must get right.

1 point
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Question 4
A procurement department’s value add is that it _______________________ between the firm and its suppliers.

1 point

  • interfaces
  • mediates
  • negotiates
  • manages all relationships

Question 5
Most organizations view the procurement department as
critical to what?

1 point

  • Saving money
  • Issuing Purchase Orders
  • Getting the lowest price regardless of other considerations.
  • Managing costs

Question 6
Procurement affects the sustainability of the firm, by focusing on several areas (select all that apply):

1 point

  • Social Concerns
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Economic Concerns

Question 7
What steps are required to establish a Supply Management Initiative? Select all that apply.

1 point

  • Classify all purchased goods and services
  • Analyze the supply market
  • Determine strategic supply position
  • Develop materials, strategies & action plans

Question 8
What characterizes Strategic Suppliers? Select all that apply.

1 point

  • Using innovation to drive additional sales
  • Long-term relationships – true partnerships.
  • Focus on a win-win (rather than continuous cost
  • Integration as a means of risk mitigation

Question 9
What characterizes Bottleneck suppliers? Select all that apply.

1 point

  • Cost cutting through aggressive negotiation.
  • Supply assurance is critical.
  • Set up tight control mechanisms of vendors.
  • Risk diversification through multiple suppliers.

Question 10
What characterizes Leverage suppliers? Select all that apply.

1 point

  • Use purchasing power to obtain concession.
  • Using innovation to drive additional sales.
  • Risk diversification.
  • Aggressive negotiations.

Question 11
How would you characterize Routine suppliers? Select all that apply.

1 point

  • Set up tight control mechanisms of vendors.
  • Simplify the process.
  • Aggressive negotiations.
  • Reduce complexity.

Question 12
What is the definition of co-creation of value?

1 point


  • The mutual and collaborative creation of a product that delivers value beyond the actual item.
  • Having multiple entities join to develop a product.
  • Outsourcing work to the customer.

Question 13
How do you create a win-win situation with a strategic supplier? Select all that apply.

1 point

  • Assume that there is no end to the relationship.
  • Refocus what is important to each side.
  • Take on each other’s interest




Week- 2

Peer-graded Assignment: Review an Outsourcing Decision





Week- 3

Peer-graded Assignment: How Sourcing affects the Company




Week- 4

Peer-graded Assignment: Supplier Evaluation Assessment





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